Crossword Creation Tool

By Pierce Gleeson ?

      This crossword tool was designed to reflect how I create puzzles using a pen and paper. It allows you to build a rotationally symmetrical crossword that you can then fill with clues and answers.

      1. Start by filling an empty template with black squares, or adjust one of the provided templates . If you change a square colour, its twin will also change to keep the crossword symmetrical.
      2. Once it looks nice, number the clues.
      3. Fill in a few words you like here and there, and then begin finding other words that will fit around them. If you hit tricky spots use a crossword-solving tool to find a word that will fit the existing blanks and letters. You might have to backtrack occasionally, but there is usually a word that will work.
      4. Once the crossword is full of answers, then write out clues for your words.
      5. Then print or save as PDF, and give it to a friend to complete!

      If you make a nice crossword please send it to me!